My First Game In Black Ops


Milano Derby Highlights

Roundup-Chelsea slump, Ibrahimovic sinks Inter

So Long Justin Bieber!

TacoBell Now Opened in Q8!!

TacoBell now opened in the Avenues!!!

Xbox 360 ESPN Edition

Well, well, what’s this? We were just sent this obvious mockup of an ESPN Xbox 360, which our tipster found just hanging out on a Microsoft PR server. Now, this could just be a branding exercise or the remnants of a failed idea, but now that ESPN 3 is live on the Xbox 360 Fall 2010 Dashboard Update, it makes sense for the two companies to explore a branded console — we know a lot of college students (and Engadget editors) who’d love to ditch their cable and still get ESPN through their 360s. We’ll see what comes to pass — and if Microsoft wisens up and tones down that red.


50 Cent Is In His Room HAHAHA

What Does Ur Room Look Like When The Lights Are Off And Kinect Is On

You know what you see when you flip on your Xbox 360, turn out the lights, and don a pair of night vision goggles? Dots. Lots and lots of little dots, courtesy of Kinect’s infrared depth sensor. Judging by the videos that have been uploaded to YouTube, this is the kind of thing that will entertain the whole “hackey sack and Rasta hats” crowd for years to come, and to be honest, we’re kind of digging it ourselves. Hell, we might even have to dig out that old Bob Marley black light poster. See for yourself after the break.

At Last I’ve Got It!

I’ve just bought black ops for 22 kd from al rehab



UEFA’s Clasico Madrid 2-2 Milan Highlights


Sony’s New PS3 Bluetooth headset


NEW Flye7 Vids!!

The Kuwaiti Youtuber Flye7 is back with a new vid!!!

Feature Vid:

Behind the Scenes:

Kinect Countdown

The wait is OVER!!

its gonna be released on November 4, 2010 in NA

Xbox Live Update For kinect

This message was sent to every Xbox Live member

“On November 1, 2010, there will be a mandatory service update to Xbox LIVE. This update will both add new features to your service and also enhance the interface, ujenavigation, and responsiveness of Xbox LIVE. Full details of the new features being added to your service can be found on”

Time Traveler in Charlie Chaplin!!

This is footage of a woman holding a cell phone in the early 1900’s!!! POSSIBLE TIME TRAVELER? !?!?!?

The New NikeSafari Mercurials

Mercurial Vapor Superfly II

The NikeSafari was designed specifically for CR7 ( Christiano Ronaldo).

Here’s the Officiall link for the cleats:


The Making of: