We’re sorry we didn’t post anything for a long time..we got caught up in studying and health issues..we’ll be back posting soon.. & and thanks for the people that asked about us


My First Game In Black Ops

World Cup Polo Shirts

I know its a little bit late but apparently Ralph Lauren is selling polo’s for the world cup, i was walking in the the mall today and i caught these shirts, they were sold out but i bought the LAST PIECE! of spain

To Do List…

Things i’ve got to buy this year

1. Xbox 360 250 GB with Kinect

the New xbox is out and in stores but i’m waiting for the Kinect to be released (november 2010), so i could buy it in one box with the xbox, better than buying them separately

2. iPhone 4

after thinking a lot I closed my mind on the iphone, I actually placed my order in the apple store UK,, its unlocked @@

3. PlayStation Move

to be released in September 19, 2010

I’m Confused,, Need Help

I’m really confused between the iphone 4 and the new blackberry 6, which phone should i buy, i was waiting for the release of the  iphone for a time now but now with the new videos of blackberry 6 i don’t know what to do,, i need ur opinion so i added a poll on the right,, vote for what you think best.


I’m on vacation as you know, in Australia actually, and if u wanted to watch a world cup match u would watch it half asleep, u must wake up at 4 in the morning, but i won’t be doing that, i prepared myself for the longest day, i’m gonna try to stay awake till 7 am tommorow, i’ve got 7 REDBULLS in front of me, i woke up at 9 am and traveled in a plane so it hasn’t been an easy day, GOD BE WITH ME…

Update: 4;15 am, 15 minutes to the start of the match still awake =D

One Day Offline Is A Lot…

Today morning, everything was great, but after morning i had to travel from one place to another, i thought once i reach my hotel i’ll be back online,  i reached to the point that i had to get online every hour of everyday (ela ma ra7am alla), and now i’m in a place no one want’s to be in,, when i reached the hotel the wireless device in my floor was broken and the ones on the other floors were working just fine, NOOOOOOOOO!.

so i’m going crazy now,, i went to the reception and asked for help this was, they replied ”this isn’t our problem it’s the  problem of the company that provides us with internet”, so i’m connecting on a public computer (sha5baaaaaaari!!! we9alna 2010 lail7een fee public computers) and somebody is bugging me waiting in n a que for this computer,, gota go see u later.