Gran Turismo 5 is OUT in Q8!!!

Finally after 5 years of waiting and enduring delays…Gran Turismo 5 is out in Kuwait. It Can be Found in al Re7ab Complex for a price that ranges from 18-20 KD.


This Happened in Kuwait!!!!

This happened in Kuwait!! Notice the Wataniya Telecom Sign

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Gameplay

Supernatural TV Series

I’m becoming supernaturalholic (get it ;P) i’ve just finished the whole 4th season in only three days, the story is about two brother sam and dean walking in their dads foot steps fighting demons and ghosts, i really don’t know whats the thing that brings me back to watch the series, i love the damn beautiful 67 impala thats in every season, thats one of the reasons, u wana download the first season torrent click here, Don’t miss it, and here’s the impala i’m talking about

Banana+Biscuit ALL IN ONE!!!

The MegaRockstar from Airhead towables has just arrived in q8. Mawjood ib Powerboat and Safari il wakeel il rasmy 7ag sharikat Airhead. Il Mega Rockstar itsheel 6 oo mawjooda ib si3er 120 dinar.



Forza Motorsport 4!!

It’s due to be released sometime in 2011, Here’s the latest footage of the gameImage 1

For more pics click

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It’s Coming Out For Sure This Time

The waaaaaaaaaait is over at last Grand Turismo 5 is going to be released on november the 2nd 2010 after years of struggling its coming back stronger than ever, They even brought topgear’s test tack on the game

This is breathtaking

Patrol Robe3 2010

This I really like

What’s Up With The New Models!!

They Really look ridiculous, I liked the old ones, I don’t know whats up with the cars these days, First the Nissan Patrol

now its the Porsche  Cayenne

PowerBoat & Safari Accessories

A lot of u people reading out there might never heard about this shop yet but I guarantee u it’s gonna be huge in the future inshala

First of all this is a place where u can find everything u need if u were planning for a trip whether it was on sea or land, There mission is to Draw the smile on ur Face + Making ur weekend more exciting as they said on their page on Facebook, as usual I don’t trust words on ads so I had to go and give them a visit.

once I entered the shop it was amazing from where do I start, The employees gave us a worm welcome, I was looking for the safe box that doesn’t break whatever the circumstances were, I found it was incredible I even jumped on it and nothing happened!!.

Let’s start with the sea,

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Ken Block

Ken Block

Ken Block, A crazy drifter who’s known for his intelligence on corners, This guy can drift all day long without having any mistakes,  He started driving rally cars only 3 years ago, In 2005 he was named Rally America’s Rookie of the year, In 2006 he was signed by the Subaru Rally Team USA, Since then he has 19 podiums and 8 victories to his credit, Block’s skill behind the wheel has to be seen to be believed so i brought u this vid that I can’t stop watching

forza 3

the best car game ever made in my opinion i play it just to listen to the great sound of the cars,, i would go to sleep listening to that tuned exhaust of my lovely top secret and reach the sky feeling the rush on the veyron and drift as if i was dancing on the moon with my Dustan

these are MY shots of the cars i own in the game

the lovely top secret

the lighting veyron

and the drift king the datsun 510

its a must buy game

It Couldn’t Handle the Weight ..

on thursday may 20, 2010 2:05 pm hawally