Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Overview



Modern Warfare 2 DOUBLE POINTS


Oh wow. This guy has too much free time. But still amazing.

Lil Wayne’s a Rockstar

Oh my god, say it aint so. Lil Wayne has a rock song, and has a whole ROCK album.. whoa.

Knockout – Lil Wayne Ft. Nicki Minaj

.327 Magnum

For all you weapon fanatics out there, i’ve just read an intriguing article. The very famous .357 Magnum has been down-sized this year. With the new and improved .327 Magnum. The goal of that was to make a small enough gun to pack a one shot kill, that is because obviously the .357 Magnum was huge. While there are not many guns chambered for the .327 Magnum, the main revolver manufacturer, Smith & Wesson, introduced the all new all steel Model 632 Carry Comp that will feature in the new gun. It packs a massive .32-caliber revolver, and holds 6 rounds, while the bigger .357 Magnum holds 8. Although it is a rare .32 caliber magnum, it is not the first .32 caliber that Smith & Wesson manufactured, but it’s definitely the most powerful. Manufacturers day and night are trying to master the art of weaponry, and obviously Smith & Wesson are the leading manufacturers.

.357 Magnum                                                                                            .327 Magnum

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Gael Kakuta, Chelsea FC And France Future

Gael kakuta born 1991, is 19. He is a french star brought in by Chelsea from Lens in 2007. His controversial transfer has sparked thoughts that Chelsea were tapping up, and were given a 2 year transfer ban. But the ban was then lifted in january 2010. Possibly a future Ballon D’Ore winner dont you think? I can see why Chelsea risked a transfer ban to sign him. He’s phenomenal!

Beckham To Return On The 1st of September

According to stories coming out of LA Galaxy, former English starlet and heartthrob David Beckham, will make his return after an Achilles Tendun injury which he picked up while on loan in AC Milan. He was given a 1st of October return date, but is hopeful to return before that date. “I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hopefully will play in part of the game against Columbus,” said the midfielder, “I’ll be on the bench and hopefully I’ll get on the field for 15-20 minutes.”

He’s 35 years old and past his prime. My suggestion to you David, hang up your football boots, and go look after Victoria Beckham.

Gay Philipino Reactions To Miss Universe

What they’re not gay… they’re just cool like that……… oh who am i kidding, i bet they have group hugs and shit like that…

The new Samsung Galaxy

This is the new Samsung Galaxy yet to be released. It is basically the only competitor that the Apple iPad has, but is it really better? You decide.